How to Make a Hatch Cover

A hatch cover is an easy way to protect your hatch window, keep the sunlight out, and eliminate additional heat build-up inside your boat. Lucky for us, it just so happens that making a hatch cover can be a very simple sewing project!

We patterned a hatch cover to fit the square hatch opening of our Seaward 24. It features Sunbrella fabric and Tenara thread, both of which are UV resistant, so the hatch cover will last for many years. Although there are several different ways to design a hatch cover, we decided to use a leechline drawstring to secure the hatch cover to the hatch.

How to Make a Hatch Cover Video:

Watch this step-by-step video demonstration on how to make your own drawstring hatch cover for your boat.

Materials List:

You’ll also need a sewing machine and perhaps you’d like using a Soapstone Pencil for marking on Sunbrella fabric.

If you don’t have a square hatch opening, we hope this can be a good starting point for your own custom design.

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  1. I like that you provided some tips on how to make a hatch cover. The step by step video you presented will surely benefit those who would like to try it out for themselves. Plus, the materials you listed to make one are very common and relatively inexpensive. I wonder if there are different sizes available, though. Anyway, I hope this would be good enough to cover my boat’s hatch. Thanks for sharing this.

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