Working with Sunbrella Marine & Awning Fabric

Regardless of where you live, now is always the perfect time to make repairs to your existing canvas or bring to life the hundreds of canvas ideas you come up with over the summer. If ever there was a time to sew…it’s now!

We often get questions from beginner sewers (and new to Sunbrella sewers!) about working with Sunbrella’s Marine & Awning Fabric. There are a million different ways you could use Sunbrella, but the basics are always the same. From marking and cutting to stitch length and seaming, our new Working with Sunbrella Marine Grade & Awning Video sheds some light on the basics!

Sit back, grab a hot drink (I particularly enjoy hot apple cider), and check out these great tips for working with Sunbrella fabric.

We love Sunbrella fabric and choose to sell it for a lot of reasons. Here’s what you should know about Sunbrella and a little bit about the different Sunbrella fabric collections.

  1. Thanks so much for this great video! We purchased the Sail Pack kit, and this will be our first experience sewing with Sunbrella. We’re looking forward to our new Sailrite creation!

  2. Oops! I didn’t mean to say we “purchased” the Sail Pack kit. Although we glad would have purchased such a great product, we were lucky enough to win the kit in your recent contest! Thanks Sailrite!

    • Cassie said:

      Good luck with the sewing! You’ll have to send us pictures of your sail pack once it’s finished!

  3. Thanks for the video on Youtube. I plan on making an awning for my room this spring. Before the hot summer hits.

    • Cassie said:

      Thanks Brian!
      If your weather is anything like Indiana you better start now!
      Spring has come 2 months early here! Let us know if we can help…

  4. Judy said:

    How do I clean a sailcover made of sunbrella (with one of your kits)?

  5. Jenifer Wilson said:

    This is fantastic! Thank you, I will use much of the info. However, I need to find out the best way to join sunbrella without sewing. I’m replacing the fabric in our beach chairs, and there’s no way to dismantle the aluminum frame. So I’ll have to fasten around the frame somehow. I heard in the video what you taught regarding puckering of the weave, so I’m wondering if grommets or rivets would cause less damage? Please and thank you!!

    • Nikki said:

      If you use grommets in the Sunbrella fabric just be sure to install the grommets in no less than three layers of fabric. This is usually done by making a double hem (two folded over sections of fabric to make three layers). I assume you will be using the grommets and a length of line to lace the two halves together, is this correct?

      If using rivets you would want to make a sleeve in both fabric edges and insert a stiffener, like a thin plastic sheet of acrylic, (can get thin acrylic or plastic sheets at a local hardware store) in the sleeves. Then you can drill and install rivets to join the two halves together.

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