Tenara® Thread Stand

Tenara® thread has its many benefits including high resistance to sunlight, mold, and rot, but SEWING with Tenara thread can be tricky. The advantages to using Tenara far outweigh the slight modifications needed to achieve trouble-free sewing. For a list of those advantages and tips on sewing with Tenara, watch this video.



We received an email from an Ultrafeed® LS-1 sewing machine owner with his creative solution to sewing with Tenara. Enjoy!

“I recently purchased Tenara thread to use for the construction of a Bimini. I had lots of problems using it with skipped stitches etc. Tried smaller needles, moving the thread a distance away from the machine, rotating the needle. However nothing worked until I built this at your advice. Using a #18 needle, rotating the needle 15 deg. +/- and this device to help eliminate tread twisting, IT WORKED!


The frame is made from ½” heavy wall PVC pipe, 2 tees, 2 elbows and 4 – 7/8” “feet” available from hardware store. Total cost less than $5. I did not glue the components together so that I can move the feet so that the tread comes off the spool on the lower end and it will not slip on a smooth working surface. Rough dimensions are 12” legs (total), 5” high and 10” wide.

Hope this helps your customers.”

Thanks Sam for sharing this great idea!

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