Awning Construction Tips

Awnings and shade canopies are most commonly found over windows, doors, patios, entrance ways, and balconies of homes and businesses to enhance curb appeal and provide shade and protection from sun and rain.

Here are several reasons why adding an awning is a great idea:

  • • Awnings are an energy-efficient solution in helping keep indoor and outdoor living spaces cool. The increased shade can reduce cooling costs and actually increase the amount of livable space.
  • • Window awnings provide relief from direct sunlight while still allowing light to enter a room. Awnings help maintain an open, inviting atmosphere while protecting furniture, rugs, walls, and fabrics from sun damage.
  • • Outdoor canopies and awnings provide comfortable outdoor living spaces. Use a beautiful canopy or awning fabric to create an inviting entertaining space or your own personal oasis.
  • • Awnings can add a modern or classic appearance to an otherwise plain home. Businesses also use awnings to add distinctive style and color to a store front.

Awnings take on many different shapes, sizes, and configurations depending on the location and application. No matter which configuration you choose, a well constructed, durable awning frame utilizes high quality frame materials and hardware that can withstand wind, weather, and wear for years. A long-lasting awning not only depends upon a solid frame, but mandates the use of UV and fade resistant awning fabric to maintain an attractive appearance for many years.

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