Shade Fabric for Motor Home

Does Sailrite have a solar shade fabric to make a cover for the windshield of a motor home?

Yes, a commonly used material for window covers is Phifertex. There are two different varieties: Standard Phifertex, which provides about a 70% shade factor, and Phifertex Plus, a tighter weave with about a 90 to 95% shade factor. Both materials are designed to be used outdoors.

Building the actual shade cover is quite simple. Pattern for the shape of the window and then add extra for edge hems and overlap for attachment areas. Typically snaps or Common Sense twist lock type fasteners are used for attachment and a hem of three layers of material is sufficient for installation. Use a V-92 weight polyester thread with a #18 to #20 sewing machine needle. Sewing can be done in straight stitch but make sure the stitch is as long as possible (6mm is ideal).

Click here for a helpful video on securing snaps to fiberglass.

  1. June Sheehan said:

    I used Sunbrella Panorama fabric to make a pair of curtains that run on the existing drapery track. This avoids the snaps around the windshield and having to get up so high to install a regular outside mounted privacy screen. It stays on the track ahead of the regular curtains. When “scrunched” up in the center it provides full privacy at night. When spread out across the windshield area it provides excellent exterior view and people cannot see inside the coach during the day. I do not remove the panorama curtain, I just pull it back and fasten it with the regular drapery. Works good for me and stays clean.

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