Grommets and Die Sets

Can I set spur grommets using my plain washer die set that I purchased at my local hardware store?


#2 Spur grommet

#2 Spur Grommet

Although spur grommets and washer grommets are sized by number (1,2,3 and so on), a #2 spur grommet and a #2 washer grommet will not match in size. Washer (or plain) grommets are always smaller and as a result use different die sets. Keep in mind that spur grommets are stronger and have teeth that cut into the fabric and roll under to keep the grommet from twisting. Spur grommets also have rounded rolled edges so the grommet will not damage the material when secured. Sailrite recommends spur grommets in all cases except flags and burgees.

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