Spreader Patches

What material should be used for sail spreader patches?

A sailboat mast is typically supported with stay wires that connect to spreaders. Spreaders are horizontal extensions that protrude from the mast. The spreader tips can damage the front sail on a boat if it comes into contact with sail when sailing closehauled or tacking (changing direction through the wind). The solution to increasing sail life is to buffer the contact between the spreader and the actual sailcloth. We recommend using 54″ Insignia material, a pressure sensitive adhesive backed Dacron fabric that adheres to both Dacron and laminate sails. Cut the insignia material down to the size and shape you need, just make sure that all potential contact points will be covered on both sides of the sail. Smooth the material out over the sail and let it sit for the day. No sewing required! When the patch starts to show wear, pull it off and replace it.

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