Roller Shades

Can I get material wide enough to handle the full width of Sailrite’s largest 72” roller shade?

Sailrite offers a few materials that are wide enough to fit the full width but none are really desirable for shade applications. The fact is that the desirable shade materials (Sunbrella Furniture Fabric, Sunbrella View and Phifertex) are all 54” or 60” wide. So the only way to make use of the full width of the roller shade is to seam the material. But here is where it gets tricky. If you create a vertical seam you better create equal thickness hems along both edges as well. It is imperative that the fabric bulk on the roller be balanced from end to end or the shade will not rise evenly. With some materials hems and seams are just not desired at all. And it is true that the best rolling shades are simple flat panels of fabric with heat cut edges. So how does one handle widths over 60 inches in these cases? The best solution is to create horizontal seams that will not impact the evenness of the roll. Simple overlapping seams are sufficient but French seams might be less visible depending upon the fabric. Keep in mind too that all roller shades can be cut down in width by simply cutting the aluminum tube to which the fabric attaches.

View roller shades here.

  1. Gayle said:

    Is it possible to get remnant widths of the sunshade fabrics so that I could add a horizontal piece to cover a 72″x72″ window with a roller shade? I would need a 12″x 72″ piece.

    • Nikki said:

      Hi Gayle,

      Unfortunately, we do not sell remnant fabric pieces. You’d have to buy the full yardage. Sorry!

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